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Villa Olympea

Aerial View

Embedded within the topography, the composition is formed of 2 L-shaped structures interacting on the ground floor, creating an internal green patio that can be visible from anywhere in the house

The Stadium


The shape of the stadium emerged from an interaction between two forces, the flow of energy of the circulation in the sites surroundings, and the flow of circulation created from the given sites boundaries.

Columbine Residential Resort


The design of this 40.000m2 project on a sloped land is based on maintaining the mountains slope to have a minimum impact on excavating the land


Cubitum Tower

Human view

The cubitum tower is poised to become a new city landmark; it embodies beauty and sophistication. The use of parametric software involved in the structure gives the building different depth to appreciate.

Tornado Tower


The circular shape gives the possibility for each apartment  to have a 180 degree view of the city, and the bigger apartments to have a 360 degree view


Smart tile

Mountain Residence

Mountain Residence

The parametric structure of the facade allows the residents to admire the breathtaking view that the site offers. The combination of metal and wood along with triple glazing windows created a robust structure yet very light to the eyesight

Smart Tiles

The Smart tile is an innovative product that will lead you to your destination through light. Once you connect your smartphone a color of light will be assigned to you that will guide you trough your destination


Penthouse Interior

Penthouse Interior

The design scheme is based on reflecting the different personalities of the clients and their individuality. The rich color palette will be mixed with bright and vivid accents to create a warm and inviting space, using the most luxurious materials on today's market 

Land of the Phoenix


The multi-residential resort on a sloped land is located in the northern part of Lebanon, hosting 22 Luxurious villas and 300 chalets in perfect harmony with the land


Villa Khoury

Human eye View

A 250m2 villa located in Cyprus, housing 4 master bedrooms, an open kitchen hosting an island that faces a billiard, cigar and wine area 

Waterfront City Residence

Waterfront City Residence.jpg

Relocating existing walls to meet the clients lifestyle and choosing a dark and rich color palette for the resultant big spaces look solid and opulent. Some raw bright material will be added such as golden modern lamps to gain a glamorous and sophisticated look


Chabros Exhibition Stand 

Chabros Exhibition Stand

The objective of the competition was to design two wooden stands facing each other in two 3 x 5 meters rectangles, with an alley of 2 meters in between, showing the possibilities of design using the wood material, within the stands itself and within the furniture exhibited.

Digital Fabrication


A series of small and large scale models that were built with modern techniques such as 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC milling at IAAC Barcelona


Velvet Tower

Velvet Tower

The all glass facade tower designed in fluid shapes merges perfectly with the sites surroundings, a sandy beach in southern California. The proposal was submitted for the office towers award in the archiguru competition in 2016 



By 2100, the overall level of the Mediterranean could rise between 3–61 cm as a result of the effects of climate change This could have adverse effects on populations across the Mediterranean: 
Rising sea levels will submerge parts of Malta. Rising sea levels will also mean rising salt water levels in Malta’s groundwater supply and reduce the availability of drinking water
A 30 cm (12 in) rise in sea level would flood 200 square kilometers of the Nile Delta, displacing over 500,000 Egyptians.


Edelweiss Residential Resort


Units in this mountain resort are sold as one floor spaces, this special client bought two units above each other's  and wanted to merge them.The challenge in this project was to meet the client's requirements without modifying any opening.

Kipina Nurseries

Kipina Classroom

Finland leads the world in early childhood education!

After 12 months as franchisee architects in collaboration with a high caliber company, we are very pleased to deliver our 7th Kipinä Nursery and pre-school project. Kipinä is committed to the reliance on safety, aesthetics, and function. 


MBR GmbH Hangar

mbr test 2.jpg

The project consists of 2 open spaces of 18 x 18 meters with offices linked to each space. The materials used are AllucoBond and painted steel. The mixing of the three colors makes it appealing when approched from the streets.

Landscape of Experiences

Landscape Of Experiences

Jezzine hills


Reformation of 3 houses in Jezzine into two Triplexes per building with terraces. Regional materials were used for roofing, facade and floor cladding. Under Construction

Hamra Gardens

Hamra Gardens fireplace

The blend of raw materials in the unit makes it pleasing to watch and give the element strength. The Statuario marble pieces were put in relief combined with a bright walnut closet. A black mirror reflective glass was placed behind the fireplace emitting the light in a wider area


Snowdreams 2012

Snowdreams 2013

Located in a famous ski resort in the mountains of Lebanon, the building hosts 2 apartments and two duplexes. Each apartment has a terrace whether on the sides or at the back, the duplexes can enjoy a direct view on the skying slopes.

Tore Baro Energy District


The aim of the design was to create a productive landscape with bio-photo-voltaic cells; a biological electro-chemical system that uses natural elements like plants, bacteria and the process of photosynthesis to create electricity.


Sodeco Street Urban Intervention

TMIA0730 (3).jpg

The Visions Project.

Studying the main activity of the street on a 12 month basis showed that 4 out of 6 restaurants were shut down for financial reasons and one of them was occupied by new owners and did not last for 5 month. Something inappropriate in a district that hosts more than 10.000 regular people between the habitants and the employees. 

Kaslik Coastal Road

Kaslik Coastal Road

Building more active cities by shifting back to pedestrian friendly streets. Enhancing the quality of city sidewalks attracts more pedestrians and helps to create enjoyable public spaces where people want to spend their time, cycle, skate, jog and chat.


Foch Tower


Located in the center of the city, Foch Tower embodies beauty and sophistication. The Tube shaped structure makes the building visually less imposing on the plaza. The 28 floors holds flower beds making the tower look like a vertical garden. Each floor can enjoy a 360 panorama view of the city.